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Set yourself apart from your competitors and win more listings by using a home inspection as a business tool. You and your clients will not be surprised by unknown problems. Make the home more attractive to the buyer by saving them the cost of a home inspection. Removing one major contingency will help you get paid faster and win more business. Get a professional home inspection to:

  • Know the home you are selling
  • Prevent escrow delays and concession negotiations
  • Stand out from your competitors

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For Professionals

Buying a New Home?

Using a home inspection as a business tool can help you win more business. It shows prospective clients that you are serious about selling their home. It will set you apart from other real estate agents who only go as far as doing a few open houses. Going the extra mile helps build trust and most importantly referral business.

When a deal falls through it hurts everyone involved especially you and your client. It may hurt your reputation and you may not get rewarded for all the hard work you put in. Know the home that you are selling so that nobody of caught off-guard by hidden problems especially when you can remedy them before putting the house on market.

A home inspection is a tool that you can use to win listings and also to sell your client’s home faster. When the buyer knows the house they are buying, you eliminate any delays and negotiations midway through the deal. If you have a new listing, call us today to schedule a home inspection. We will work with you and your clients to help you sell faster. We provide free consultations for tips to fix potential problems.