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In a buyers’ market you need every advantage to make your home more attractive to the buyers. A home inspection will help you uncover any hidden problems. In many cases the problems are minor and can be fixed easily. Don’t get caught off guard by the buyer’s home inspector possibly causing the deal to fall through. Get a professional home inspection to:

  • Know the home you are selling
  • Fix potential issues before selling
  • Increase buyer confidence

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Selling Your Home?

It’s a buyer’s market with home prices continuing to decline. Bank foreclosures and short-sales are dominating the market. It’s probably not an ideal time to sell. However, if you are selling your home – you need every advantage to make your home attractive to buyers. The last thing you want is to go into contract only to have the deal fall-through because the buyer’s home inspector uncovered issues you could have fixed beforehand – only if you had known.

When the buyer’s home inspector discovers problems it puts you in a weak negotiating position. The buyer will likely ask you to fix problems or the deal is off. If you don’t want to fix the problems, the buyer will likely ask you to reduce the purchase price or give cash credit at closing or the deal is off. Lastly, the buyer may just call the deal off altogether without giving you the opportunity to respond.

If you want to sell your home fast, know the home you are selling by getting a non-biased professional home inspection. When a deal falls through it costs you time and money. The next buyer will ask why the last deal didn’t materialize and likely offer you a lower price. If you are in the market to sell your home, call us to schedule a home inspection and for tips on things you can do to sell your home.